Bowhunting Gallery One
Cole Duensing, 19, of Clinton, MO shot this 10 point buck on November 3rd on his family's private farm. He took this buck with his Elite GT500 with Carbon Express Arrows and Swhacker broadheads. This was Cole's 3rd buck with a bow and his 4th bow kill. Cole would like to thank his family, friends, and most importantly God.

What a great Fall hunting season so far no great deer yet but me and the coyotes are at war.
Over the summer at Redding CA, I was talking with Mike Slinkerd of HECS about his product for hiding the Human energy from animal in the wild and my first thoughts were coyotes.
During the first week of season while I was doing my part to keep deer out of my favored Soy bean field I saw a Coyote out in the edge working my way eating grasshoppers. I was able to harvest that Coyote at 11 yards.
Then last week I was watching one of my favorite Alfalfa fields and taking my Montana decoy for a walk. when I looked up from my lunch and saw another Coyote with his nose to my decoys nose. This coyote looked in my general direction on 4 different times and i purposely stared at this Coyote with the Coyote walking up to 10 yard from the base of my tree stand when Muzzy hit the bone...
Chris Berry
Logan Sappington, 16 year old, MBH /NFAA member, harvested his first bow kill deer, an 8 point buck, with a Bear Truth 2 bow on November 6, 2011. It was a 25 yard shot, from the ground. Logan was getting ready to climb into his tree stand when the buck came into his sight. The buck dropped 40 yards away.