The MBH small game pin is an award to any member who bags rabbit, turkey, rough fish etc. in the state of Missouri by means of archery. It requires an accumulation of 30 points, with a point system for different species to receive the award. The small game pin is similar to  the large game pin.

The pin is an arrowhead shape, gold in color, approximately 1" that is designed to be worn on your hunting hat or lapel. Every year thereafter, that one takes a large game animal, an adder bar (buck, doe or turkey) can be incorporated to the large game bar. By taking your first Missouri large game as a member, one receives the stated pin free! The adder bars are an additional cost of $6.00 each. There are also bars for out of state game, such as elk, moose, bear, etc. for personal recognition.

If you have any questions please contact the Large/Small Game Chairman @

Jeff Blystone
2804 N. Union School Rd.
Independence, Mo. 64058
Large & Small Game
This committee keeps records and awards members for fish and game taken in the state of Missouri by means of archery. The MBH large game pin is an award given to any member who harvests their first deer or turkey in accordance with season, limits, and regulations set forth by the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC).