If you are a current MBH member and have been so for at least one year, you may be eligible to win a Scholarship Award through the Paul Jeffries MBH Scholarship program. Since the inception of this program in 2003, several MBH members have received recognition and financial assistance.
Even though the program is named after one of MBH's two founders;  Paul Jeffries and   Earl Hoyt, it is important to realize that funds have been donated to honor and serve as a memorial for several other Life Members; Ann Hoyt, Gene Towne and Dr.Charles (Bert) Grayson, who was awarded an Honorary Life Membership. The focus of this program is to provide financial assistance to a worthy MBH member who is currently attending or planning on enrolling in a school of higher learning.
Although not written in stone, it is expected that you would be meeting the definition of   the school, in regard to "full time student". Typically, this is 12 or more credit hours per semester. A "school of higher learning" does not necessarily mean just a college or university, but could include a "tech" or other specialty school.
The scholarship amount will be applied to the student's individual institutional account to be used to help with expenses.

The goal and purpose  of  this scholarship program is as follows:

        To provide a program that will permanently honor and recognize contributions made by MBH co- founder Paul Jeffries, as well as other outstanding individuals who have contributed to the sport of archery.

        To promote archery and bow hunting as well as to encourage others to hold membership in Missouri Bow Hunters.

        To recognize a new generation of leadership by awarding scholarships to assist these future leaders in their pursuit of higher education.

        To encourage positive ambassadorship for the sport of archery and the Missouri Bow Hunters Association.
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The committee serves at the pleasure of the current MBH President and he/she shall appoint no more than three MBH members to serve in addition to the President. A fifth committee appointment may be made, with that member being a member of Paul Jeffries family.
This committee shall convene for the purpose of reviewing scholarship applications for awards no more frequently than annually. The committee shall not be required to award any scholarships if (in their opinion) the applicants do not meet the committee’s standards. The committee, being stewards of the funds, shall also decide the amount(s) of awards. Typically, the committee, in the interest of keeping the funds endowed, will consider limiting the awards to no more than the previous period’s  earnings including donations raised by MBH clubs through special fundraisers or individual memorials/honors. Total annual awards do not typically exceed $500.
It is expected by the committee that the applicant has been a MBH member in good standing for a minimum of one year prior to the application. The MBH Secretary will be asked to verify such membership.
Due to the current financial climate, the future of this program is critically dependent on   donations. It is altogether fitting and proper for MBH Clubs and individual members to keep this MBH program in mind as a means for honoring those who have contributed to   the sport of Archery.
If you are interested in making a donation to the Paul Jeffries MBH Scholarship Fund, please contact the MBH Secretary at
The Scholarship Committee is now accepting applications for this distinct honor. All applications must be postmarked or electronically submitted to the MBH Secretary no later than December 31st.
The Scholarship Committee will convene and make their decisions after reviewing all applications. All application content will be kept strictly confidential.

Application Form
Dec 31 deadline